Site Selector Mailer

Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

Each year, the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership sends a “gift” to site selectors who could potentially consider Fort Wayne/northeast Indiana as a place to move or develop their company. This gift has an important job: telling these site selectors why our region is the perfect place for businesses wanting to make a move, and getting them to actually pick up the phone and start a conversation. B&Y had the perfect idea to make this happen. If we want the site selectors to give the Partnership a call, why not make it as easy as possible for them to do just that? A cleverly branded cell-phone headset was just the answer.

the solution:

  • Used a phone headset as a quirky way to grab the site selectors’ attention

  • Fun copy encouraged the site selector to make the “right call” and select northeast Indiana for their business

  • Branded the phone, box, and inserts to all look like a cohesive, well-planned campaign

  • Gave the site selectors a gift they will keep, keeping the Partnership top-of-mind every time the phone is used

  • Created a corresponding microsite with facts and figures that shows why northeast Indiana is a good place to grow a business