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Fort Wayne, IN 46802

We’re Wired
For Ideas


Since ’90

Since the very beginning, B&Y has been motivated by thinking. It’s a part of our DNA and the key to creating work that works. We’re not just order takers. Or pretty picture makers. Or plug-and-chug marketers. We’re focused, creative strategists who discover and implement the right tactics to motivate and inspire YOUR audience.

While we have specialized expertise in healthcare marketing, we work with clients from all industries, backgrounds and areas of the country. Too big, too small, or too far away isn’t a factor. We’re ready to partner with you, whoever or wherever you may be, for the ROI of your dreams.



Everyone at B&Y must think beyond the obvious. Great marketing is about more than pretty pictures. Trust and honesty aren’t perks, they’re necessities. Challenge the norm, take risks, be fearlessly optimistic. Without results, what’s the point?



Team B&Y is an eclectic group of personalities, capabilities and passions. But at our core, every B&Yer has something in common: we’re curious. This innate curiosity, paired with a ferocious desire to succeed, is what takes our clients where they need to go. We never stop thinking and never stop asking the important questions. How can we take 2+2 and make 5? How can we dig a little deeper than before? What emerging tools can we master? When will the next pot of coffee be ready?