elite woman campaign


A part of Parkview Physicians Group, Elite Woman offers women health and beauty services like facials and laser treatments. Because they are dedicated to helping women look and feel their best, Elite Woman needed a brand image that matched their cutting edge “I am woman, hear me roar!” vibe. Their outdated look and feel needed a major facelift to give it that same empowering attitude.  

The Solution:

  • Create a more sophisticated color palette that feels high-end and “elite” to appeal to the older, higher-income target audience
  • Give Elite Woman a bold look with large imagery of healthy, beautiful women as the main focus
  • Use creative copy to help Elite Woman define who they are in ads, posters, brochures, business cards and promotional pieces 

The Result:

  • The new look and feel gave Elite Woman the strong female vibe they were looking to get across
  • The client is thrilled that their advertising is a perfect representation of what they stand for 
  • Elite Woman employees are now proud to advertise and hand out their new pieces to clients

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