FirstCare Campaign


With pop-up retail clinics being built at every corner, Parkview FirstCare needed a way to put their walk-in clinics ahead of the rest. So, B&Y set our sights on one of the things FirstCare has that the others don’t – an incredible team of Parkview caregivers. This idea soon became the focus of the campaign, showing people that the Parkview care they’ve always loved is now more accessible than ever.

the solution:

  • Use the Parkview and Parkview Physicians Group reputations to back the quality care of these clinics
  • Remind people that FirstCare is the only clinic that has the Parkview care they know and trust
  • Create a look for the FirstCare brand that can stand on its own but still has a “Parkview-esque” feel
  • Use a variety of mediums (print, billboards, radio, online, etc.) to spread the message to every audience in the region

the result:

  • Impactful yet simple physician imagery gives the ads a welcoming feel
  • The “wave of green” makes the brand recognizable and distinguishable from other brands
  • A campaign that uses Parkview’s best assets to make FirstCare stand out from all of the other pop-up retail clinics
  • Patient volume increased significantly at all FirstCare locations in the area