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top mobile trends retailers can’t afford to ignore

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See that person over there frantically searching on their phone for coupons before checking out? That could be any shopper in any U.S. city today. Actually, a whopping 84% of shoppers are actively using their mobile devices while they shop. We can expect this trend to explode even further now that we are in the Q4 holiday shopping season because shoppers know that mobile discounts are a great way to score deals at their favorite retailers. 

But this isn’t just good new for shoppers. Retailers and brands are constantly trying to figure out the best way to engage consumers in the digital space, and mobile offers are a great way to do so.

Here are a few of the top tips we use when planning mobile marketing campaigns for retailers: 

  1. Customize the offer. By creating 1-to-1 engagements with your consumers and tailoring them to your core audience, you can expect far better in-store returns. This can also help bolster customer loyalty and retention.
  2. Influence the consumer in real-time. Combine Geofencing technology with a coupon or special offer to drive in-store traffic immediately. 
  3. Think small and hyper-local.  Limit the campaign to a few miles radius of your store locations, so you’re able to reach the closest consumers and eliminate wasted impressions. Hyper-local mobile campaigns are able to more accurately determine a consumer’s location, and the majority of mobile users say they like these types of ads. 
Mobile is not just an option anymore. If it’s not an integral piece of your marketing plan, you’ll fail to reach those uber-connected consumers, and if you’re not connecting with them in-store, they’ll be heading the retailers that are. 

If you’d like help planning your next mobile campaign, contact me at digital@b-y.net.