120 West Superior Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802



Although Van Wert County Hospital had invested an incredible amount of resources to improve the level of care they could provide, they didn’t have the reputation to match. For their transformation to be complete, they needed to replace their old brand with something that reflected their bright new future.

Our goal was to create a new identity (complete with a new name) that represented their dedication to becoming the best community hospital. We wanted to inspire confidence within the community that Van Wert Health was truly turning over a new leaf.

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Digital
  • Ads
  • Outdoor

the details:

  • Transformed Van Wert Health’s brand from a relic of the past into a modern brand that reflects the high level of care they provide
  • A bright, friendly look and patient-focused messaging reflects their dedication to putting patients at the center of everything they do
  • Changed the name to Van Wert Health (from Van Wert County Hospital) to show the community they are more than just a hospital; they truly care about their patients and leading them to better health and wellness

the results:

  •  The new brand was well-received in the community, generating a lot of local buzz and excitement
  • Van Wert Health is proud of their new brand and the fact that they were able to leave their old reputation behind
  • By showcasing their involvement and dedication to the community, the new brand was quickly embraced and believed by people throughout the region