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Fort Wayne, IN 46802

PARKVIEW ortho hospital

superhero CAMPAIGN

As an entire hospital dedicated solely to handling orthopedics, Parkview Ortho Hospital (POH) needed an advertising campaign that was all their own – cohesive with, yet independent from, the overarching Parkview Health System. To come up with the direction, B&Yers set their sights on the key demographic and the reasons why this audience seeks joint, neck or back surgery. It all came down to motivation: wanting to feel young again. Our approach was to show the audience that they could be a “superhero” again with a little help from Parkview Ortho Hospital. 

  • Photography
  • Storyboarding
  • TV
  • Digital
  • Ads
  • Outdoor
  • Radio
  • Print Collateral
  • Out-of-Home

the solution:

  • Create a memorable TV spot that showcases the reasons POH is the best place to restore your powers of youth
  • Talk less about “us” and more about “them”
  • Position a patient-centered, outcome-driven approach
  • Feature children who think their grandparent is a superhero
  • Use an element of surprise and a creative twist

the result:

  • A TV spot that makes the audience smile when they think about how POH can make them feel young again
  • An entirely new, integrated campaign that includes TV, radio, print ads, online ads, pre-roll, Facebook ads,  outdoor and out-of-home advertising
  • A brand that is unique to POH, but that still has the Parkview look and feel
  • Doubled the number of website page views in 12 weeks