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For a new eyewear company hitting the retail scene for the first time, defining their brand is a crucial step. Working with the company’s founder and creative director, B&Y set out to create the look and feel for Desiar from scratch. That meant looking into the identity of the company and what they wanted to portray to their audience. After diving into competitive research, we knew we needed to separate Desiar into a “niche” that was all their own. A California photo shoot, brand messaging and a new look gave Desiar just what they needed to become one of the “greats.” 

The Solution:

  • Position the brand identity by creating a message that relays what Desiar represents: a combination of classic elements and a fearless look into the future ("Future Classic")
  • Conduct a photo shoot in Los Angeles representing three different audience that each have the Desiar attitude: city, urban and rural
  • Create bold sales/consumer pieces using the photos and messaging to convey Desiar's new brand to retail companies and consumers

The Result:

  • By reaching out to those people who want an "independent" and "confident" look, Desiar now has a personality to match its unique product
  • The new creative pieces attracted companies wanting to sell Desiar's handmade eyewear
  • Desiar can now be found in boutique shops around the U.S.; in Little Burgandy, Canada, and at Shaded – a new brand by Sunglass Hut

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