120 West Superior Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Look ma, it’s video! A peek inside our new editing suite.


Adding B&Y Magnetic, our video and storytelling shop in Evansville, to our roster has allowed us to increase our video capabilities ten-fold. But, it was time to up our game right here at B&Y headquarters.

We took the Alienware PC we have been using for virtual reality work and added in video and motion graphics production capabilities. We also added in a BlackMagic Deck Link video card and some speakers from Alesis. With that (and some set-up assistance from B&Y Magnetic), our new editing suite is up and running!


This Ft. Wayne studio allows us to further increase our collaboration with B&Y Magnetic and gives us the ability to bring clients to either office to review work in progress. This means we’ve reduced the time needed for editing and post-production, and can provide a lightning fast turnaround.

We’ve found that clients are looking for high-quality video production without the overhead costs of using a specialized studio. And now, we’ve got that right here in-house. It’s a seamless addition to the services we’re proud to offer. There’s no stopping us now.


Want to learn more about our video capabilities and how we can use it to elevate  your brand? Give us a shout.