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With the evolution of value-based healthcare causing a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, Zimmer Biomet knew there was a chance to come up with a holistic solution that would not only be positively disruptive in the market but would also seamlessly serve a multitude of target audiences. That’s where Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions comes in. This integrated platform features an entire suite of products and services that allows healthcare facilities to better care for their patients (from pre-admission all the way through post-recovery) utilizing leading-edge technology and best practice efficiencies.


Our job was to first help unify the product by working across the various teams building out the platform. We then needed to take this complex offering and simplify the communications in a way that would help surgeons and healthcare professionals see how more efficient, cost effective care was possible. This “storytelling” had to resonate with the surgeon, caregiver and entire c-suite — meeting the needs of each in a compelling way.

Infographic Videos

  • Boiled down the complexity of Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions into a series of eye-catching infographic videos that are fun to watch and easy to follow along with
  • Because they are easily shareable, these videos were a handy way for the sales team to share base knowledge of the offering — significantly shortening the sales funnel
  • By preceding sales meetings with the videos, the sales team was able to skip the “explanation” and immediately dive into a deeper discussion on the first meeting
  • The futuristic, space-like look and feel set the stage for this high-tech offering and drove creative execution of the other sales pieces

Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions website

  • This clean, modern site helped educate prospects on the value of Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions
  • It also offered a place to publish PR, generate leads and keep the audience engaged/interested following a sales meeting

Brochure / Collateral

  • Leave-behind pieces acted as a way for Zimmer Biomet to stay top-of-mind with prospects long after a meeting was over
  • A unique “wheel” leave-behind simplified the complex components of the platform into a fun-to-use and memorable piece
  • These pieces were used to drive traffic to the AAOS show (the world’s largest exhibition of orthopedic products)

VR Experience

  • Custom-created virtual reality videos gave the audience an immersive, interactive look into the new platform
  • The full-length experience was showcased at AAOS in a 5,000 sq. ft. booth addition — giving healthcare administrators, doctors and surgeons an innovative way to learn more about this cutting-edge product
  • The video took the users through the key elements of the platform, explaining it in a way that helped them “get” exactly how it could benefit them based on their job title
  • The sales force was given a teaser preview of the experience through a mobile app and custom-branded VR viewer — allowing them to carry their sales demo on their cell phones
  • This teaser piqued the audience’s interests and got them excited to attend the AAOS show so they could learn more

For a personal viewing of the full-length VR experience, all you’ve got to do is ask. We’ll be happy to share.


  • B&Y helped design the storytelling and flow of Zimmer Biomet’s multi-million dollar tradeshow booth display at the AAOS show, as well as booths at the HIMSS conference and ASM show
  • By attending these shows, our team was able to act as an extension of Zimmer Biomet’s sales force, helping promote the booth, draw in prospects and sell the benefits of Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions

digital sales tool

  • Gave the sales team a way to seamlessly pitch their innovative new offering through a digital medium that spiced up the traditional sales deck
  • Allowed the user to pivot within the presentation (based on the direction of the discussion instead of a pre-set path), for complete flexibility and personalization of messaging
  • Gave all the benefits of the platform in an easy-to-read (and watch!) format
  • With the ability to track analytics, the sales team was able to see which areas were focused on and what their audience was most immersed in
  • Featured a “value calculator” that showed a prospect how much money they could save with Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

  • Utilized consumer research to hone in on the right direction to market the benefits of hospitals with Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions and drive patient throughput
  • Created a full campaign featuring TV, radio, print, web, patient testimonials, collateral for community seminars and patient/surgeon education
  • Co-op branding gave participating hospitals a customized marketing package that could be pushed out to their markets

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