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Let’s get digital. Digital.


Ready or not, digital advertising is the current way of the marketing world. But that’s not to say traditional media doesn’t have its place in certain markets for certain clients. Traditional media buys can create awareness and top-of-mind recall, but they can’t hold a candle to the way digital marketing can be hyper-targeted, tracked and reported on.

But all digital campaigns are not created equal, and not all digital options are right for every client. The key is to really listen to your client, analyze what they’ve done in the past or are doing currently, and create a personalized comprehensive digital campaign around what will best serve them and their marketing goals.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), digital media is expected to represent 71% of total budgets in 2021, with 60% represented in social, SEM, display and video media. IAB also reports that digital video buyers are shifting their budgets away from traditional TV to Connected TV platforms.

So how do you succeed with a digital strategy?

  • Find the right partnership — and we don’t mean just partnering with B&Y (although we’d recommend that, too). Here, we partner with tools and platforms that can get you the best targeting, remarketing, IP address syncing and more. When you boil down your target audience to a certain demographic, in a specific area, with the frequency and display that’s enticing, hyper-targeting can give a campaign the biggest bang for the buck. When you know you’re reaching the right people at the right time, that’s when your campaign succeeds.
  • Make data your best friend. Digital campaigns are chock full of data (we’re talking to you, data nerds). The right digital campaign can provide incredibly valuable insights into who your customer is, where they like to shop, how they like to spend and more. Creepy? Yes. Smart and strategic? Also yes. A properly leveraged digital campaign can provide not only data and reporting on how the campaign has performed, but it will also give you a deep understanding of how your target audience consumes their media. And that equals VALUE, VALUE, VALUE.

As you can tell, we love data here at B&Y, and digital marketing has opened the floodgates so we can gather and analyze until our hearts are content. Don’t settle for traditional media because “that’s what you’ve always done.” Partner with the right people who in turn partner with the right companies to custom-tailor a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s right for you and your business.

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