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How Landing Pages Can Boost Your Patient Inflow


Only 22% of businesses say they are satisfied with their conversion rates. A robust digital presence with healthy conversion rates is imperative as more and more potential patients make decisions about their healthcare online. Increasing conversion rates and, in parallel, patient inflow may seem like guesswork. But using specific landing pages to cater individually to subsets of your potential patients in each stage of their decision-making process provides them with the precise information they need to choose your brand.

What’s a Landing Page?

It’s a web page created for one clear audience with one specific intent. Instead of searching the company’s main website page for information and quickly becoming confused or losing interest, potential patients are sent directly to the landing page concerning their needs. Each landing page has one clear call-to-action that is front and center. The average user spends less than 30 seconds looking at a landing page, so the simpler, clearer and more visual the better. In healthcare, trust is the bedrock for increasing patient inflow, and a landing page creates credibility through social proof or personal testimony. In addition to growing patient inflow, landing pages provide your healthcare company with analytical data about patient personas and directly lead potential patients to make the decision to become a patient.


How Landing Pages Increase Patient Inflow

1. Specificity

Each landing page hones in on one specific audience — which, in turn, creates a higher conversion rate. Account-based marketing converts four times more traffic than general marketing toward a wider audience. Using correct testing and targeting methods can boost conversion rates up to 300%.  This laser focus keeps your marketing and business goals front and center. A/B testing a variety of parts and pieces in your landing page gives your business valuable information not only for that campaign but for future campaigns, too. The more specific each landing page is, the more beneficial it is to your business.

2. More Pages, More Patients

Since it’s specificity that creates the higher conversion rate, the more landing pages the better. Research shows that companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15. When a company has 40 or more landing pages on their website, there is an even greater increase. A double advantage is that landing pages also boosts your SEO as they are promoted within Google AdWords and can be a lead magnet used for directly reaching out.

3. Build Trust in the Entire Sales Funnel

Every potential customer goes through a three-step process before making a purchase: awareness, consideration and decision-making. Prospective patients spend much more time on the first two steps when making purchasing decisions about healthcare than when purchasing a product. A landing page is effective in both the awareness and consideration stages to guide potential patients toward ultimately making a purchasing decision.

Healthcare Sales Funnel Focus

  1. Awareness Stage: A landing page for this stage can provide information about symptoms and how these symptoms impact the patient’s life. Assessments and quizzes are effective conversion methods for potential patients. These pages can help each possible patient learn about his or her health problems and understand they should take further action.
  2. Consideration Stage: Building off of the awareness stage, this next stage informs potential patients who have decided to take further action why they should choose YOUR company, facility or providers. It also explains what treatments are available. Ask potential patients to continue learning more at a seminar, webinar or event. This is a great way for them to become comfortable with your facility and even meet your staff.

While it may seem like digital success is a needle in a haystack, the right creative and analytical information can increase your conversion rate. Catering to your individual patient personas and giving potential patients social proof makes each patient feel attended to and builds trust in your brand. By taking the time to provide potential patients with information regarding their symptoms and helping them learn more about your facility and providers, landing pages intentionally guide them to choosing your business.

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