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Hitting the center of the bullseye.


Facebook was once a marketer’s best friend— not just because of its massive user base (over 2.7 billion users log in each month), but because of its robust targeting capabilities that allowed you to very narrowly define and reach your business’s ideal customer. However, after coming under fire due to discrimination and privacy violations, many of those advanced targeting capabilities were rolled back.

Lucky for us advertisers, as Facebook was commanding the spotlight, other media networks and ad exchanges were upping their data game to offer even more advanced audience targeting capabilities than Facebook ever offered to begin with.

We can now reach any type of consumer you can think to define.

Want to reach 25- to 40-year-old women walking their dogs in the rain? Easy. How about 50+-year-old male runners taking Warfarin? No sweat. Or, do you have a list of past customers and want to follow up with those who visited your competitor? We can do that, too.

The more narrowly you can define your ideal customer, the more successful the campaign will be. Why spend one more dollar on advertising that’s not reaching the right person? Especially when you consider that over two-thirds of the Millennial and Gen Z populations expect offers from companies to always be personalized (Salesforce, 2018). Younger generations — digital natives — expect tailored communications from brands.

Couple this with the right strategy and creative, and you’re looking at a positive figure for your ROI.

Once we have the audience defined, then we really get to work establishing the game plan. Are we using email? Streaming audio? Postcards? Paid social? Connected TV? Print? Influencers? No channel is off limits as long as your ideal customer is consuming that medium. There’s an advertising platform for reaching anyone and everyone. And the benefit of working with B&Y is that we’ve vetted and worked with some of the best in the industry. We know that each platform is not right for each client, and we can recommend the right one(s) for the job.

Then, it’s all about the creative — using what we know about your customer to write/design/develop the right ad or campaign to grab their attention and get them to take action.

There’s no need for guesswork anymore. Give your audience EXACTLY what they want from your marketing. It’s easier than you think with laser-focused targeting and an insider’s knowledge on the best strategies to pair it with.

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