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Creativity lives on.


As marketers, our first and only goal is to grow your business. It really is that simple. If we can fatten your bottom line and send more clients/ambassadors/link clicks your direction, we’ve done our job. So, with numbers and data ruling the “marketing-verse,” does creativity really have a place anymore? We’re here to answer with a big, fat YES.

The Case for Creativity found that creatively awarded campaigns are 27% more effective than their non-creative counterparts. McKinsey’s Award Creativity Score found that companies that win the highest number of Cannes Lions awards have higher organic revenue growth. And a Nielsen and Nielsen report indicates that 49% of a brand’s sales lift from advertising due to the creative (primarily the quality of the messaging). This speaks volumes to the role creativity, when paired with strategy, plays in giving clients actual, tangible results. Here’s why:

  1. It spurs action. Sure, your strategy has to be sound and well developed to make sure you’re reaching the right audience at the ideal time. BUT, if the content you’re delivering isn’t compelling, what’s the point? Your perfect audience may see it, but if they aren’t intrigued enough to click, you won’t see an ounce of return. That’s where a creative message, image, approach, etc., can work wonders to compel your audience to want to learn more. “Creativity can be the secret weapon that allows a company to outsmart rather than outspend the competition.”
  2. It’s unforgettable. One of the main challenges of marketing is getting your message across in a way that will stick with your audience. It’s this recall-ability that will help your audience remember your brand when they’re ready to make a purchase. If they forgot your message as soon as they heard/saw it (because it’s not creative/original/interesting), your product or offering will never come up in their minds again — and you can say goodbye to measurable ROI. Creative storytelling can work wonders for making a meaningful connection to your audience that can be up to 22 times more memorable than facts.
  3. It’s a tactic, not just a look. When you think of creativity, you’re probably mostly considering the message, the concept, the visuals. And, yeah, that’s part of it. But creative marketing is also about getting creative with your tactics. Now, with the plethora of data available, marketers can make their messages more personalized and contextually relevant than ever (which 71% of consumers prefer) — creatively leveraging what they know to make smarter business decisions. Outside-of-the-box thinking can help you segment and target audiences to a greater degree, for better results.
  4. It combats stagnancy. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your brand is to let it become stale. Moth balls and dry bread are NOT something you want to associate with your brand. The quickest way to become stagnant in the marketing world is to be dull. Unchanging. Afraid to take any risk. That’s because there’s always someone out there who isn’t going to be scared to push the creative boundaries, and they’ll quickly leave you in the dust. That long-term success you’re looking for can only be accomplished by taking some creative risks that will push you forward. 

When paired with data-driven strategy, brilliant, honest, well-thought-out creative is the cornerstone of a successful campaign or branding endeavor. At B&Y, creative is what we do best. We know how to take a company’s unique offering and turn it into an authentic, appealing brand that will stand out from the clutter and push you to the forefront time and time again.