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COVID-19 Communications Toolkit for Health Systems 2.0


We’re providing another toolkit of communications materials for health systems and healthcare businesses. Again, you can simply place your logo on these materials and roll them out to your employees and the public. Feel free to also view and use the materials from our previous toolkit.

These toolkit materials are brand-neutral. We know it’s still important to continue providing materials that are finished and ready to use as you’re short on time and resources.   

These free resources include several videos, print ads, social media ads, blog posts, email blasts, and outdoor ads. If you need these materials sized differently, we can provide the working files. You can reach out to us at talk@b-y.net and we’ll size it for you. 

We will continue to add more materials and consumer-facing tools. We want your input. What other materials do you need?

a snapshot of what's included:


Click here to download the entire toolkit.

Print ads only

Videos only

Social media only

Blog posts only

Email blasts only

Outdoor only

who are we?

B&Y is an agency with 30 years of dedicated experience in many areas of healthcare marketing. We are healthcare strategists and conceptual creators at heart. Bottom line, we know healthcare and want to help — no strings attached.

Presently, the entire B&Y team is involved in doing any and every activity needed to support all of our clients, but especially our healthcare ones. We feel the work we are doing has never been so important as it is now. We are part of hospital “command centers” and their PR teams, keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s next so we have answers before being asked the question. Our goal is to not only give our clients what they’re asking for, but to always suggest how we can make it even better for them.

how can you help?

If you decide to use any of our communication pieces, we would love to know who you are and what you downloaded. But it’s certainly not required. Your encouragement and feedback simply helps us see what you found useful and keeps us motivated in this 24/7 situation.

If you decide to send us a note that you are using something, you can email Jerry Youngblutt at jerryy@b-y.net. You can also sign up to receive future toolkits.

Thank you for all that you are doing to keep us safe. You are respected and appreciated. I hope our paths cross someday, somewhere. Until then, please use these ready-to-go tools with our blessing.

Stay safe. Stay fierce.