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B&Y and ROI


Back in the heyday of American business and marketing, clients generally chose to go with the agency that could provide them with the prettiest picture or the best tagline. Obviously, those are still two of the biggest decision-making factors in the agency selection process, but now, showing return on investment is potentially the most important piece.

To ensure that we are doing everything we can to maximize the ROI for our campaigns, we start with research. After research and discovery, we use that direction to begin integrating our award-winning creative and strategy. By following that routine, we’re able to confidently say that our campaigns will accomplish the goals the client set out to achieve. Confidence in our work goes a long way to building the trust that our clients have in us. Simply put, you need to be able to prove that your work works.

Oftentimes, the biggest challenge with gauging ROI is finding organizations with systems already in place (or organizations willing to install these systems) to track and measure sales and growth generated by the campaign. At the end of the day, the client must be willing to share the necessary information with the agency to accurately calculate ROI.

Fortunately, we’ve had great clients that did exactly that. On a recent national, integrated campaign for an orthopedic company, we were able to drive sales leads to previously unheard of levels.

After one week, an audience-friendly facelift of their digital presence resulted in:

• 98.6% increase in call requests

• 99.8% increase in website visits

• 100% increase in e-mail requests

This digital overhaul was paired with a national TV flight that was able to reach 55,877,000 potential patients, or 76.7% of their target audience. This combination of digital and traditional advertising was able to generate a 744% increase in sales leads. Overall, this campaign resulted in an impressive 9 dollar return for every 1 dollar invested. We’ll mention that again, a NINE dollar return for every ONE dollar invested. Not too shabby.

Let’s add it up: discovery, thinking and strategic-driven creative. It’s what moves the needle. And, it’s what gives our clients an unbeatable ROI. That’s why at B&Y, no matter how proud we are of our creative, our tactics, or our awards, we don’t consider a campaign successful unless we meet or exceed the goals that the client set out to accomplish by trusting us with their campaign. For the last 25 years, we’ve been honing our own personal brand of strategic creative and creating campaigns that we are both proud of aesthetically and that our clients consider a success.