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Branded video content gives your customers ‘all the feels.’


Video marketing is nothing new. 87% of marketers used video in 2019. And consumers want video more than ever before. 71% of all consumers watched more video this year than last year. That’s seven out of every ten people you know. And as online videos and the consumers’ demand for them increase, it’s important to know the subtler ways that video can share your brand with your target audiences.

“You’ve got to feel it.”

Consumers are loyal to consistent brands that represent their values and provide high-quality products and services. But showing your customers what your brand is all about can be challenging. One important way to do so is to personify your brand. Creating a brand persona, and thinking about the characteristics and personality of your brand, helps create an effective brand that attracts, engages and retains customers. It does this by ultimately impacting how customers and consumers feel. The relationship between brand personality and brand loyalty cannot be overstated. This connection has been well documented and only increases in importance as consumers require more information about brands’ values and culture in order to build a relationship with them. Video marketing can clearly set the tone of your brand to provide the consistency, connection and authenticity your target audiences require to choose your brand again and again.

Here’s how video can set the tone of your brand.

Create Consistency

A consistent brand has a clear sales impact on your business. Providing a consistent brand presentation to your target audiences increases your revenue by an average of 23%. And 87% of customers want even more consistency to learn more about your brand. Video is an effective tool to immerse your target audiences into your brand. The first step when creating any video is to concept out the look and feel. Thinking about what you want the audience to feel and take away from the video enables your brand to speak directly to your customers. Your brand shows, and not just tells, your values. Exemplifying these values and personality give consumers a clear picture about who you are and what you believe. This also helps set you apart from other businesses in your market. A distinct brand that’s yours, and only yours, helps differentiate you from your competitors.

Build Connection

While it’s been known as other terms previously, emotional marketing is front and center the past several years. Creating the connection required to build an emotional tie to your brand can be done through video. Emotional marketing builds off of brand consistency because you are encouraging the audience of your video to feel one specific emotion. Narrowing in on just one emotion, that is also tied with the brand personality and values, shows your target audience exactly how to feel about your brand. And video it’s a great vehicle to do just this. Video allows the audience to connect in a way that static images and riding do not offer. The ability to see the emotion in an actors’ faces or in an animated graphics’ facial expressions, encourages viewers to mimic those feelings. And for marketing purposes, it’s to respond to and also feel one emotion. The one message that your brand wants to deliver.

Share Authenticity

90% of consumers now say that authenticity is an important piece to deciding which brands to support. That’s almost every person in America. Marketing best practices parallel larger societal trends. Currently, consumers want authentic, real, imperfect, honest brands that acknowledge they’re human too. And video can share just this. By showing the people behind your brand, and the human side of your business, your brand can build those emotional connections that are needed to cause your audience to act. With beliefs and values influencing purchasing power like never before, your brand needs to share an honest picture of what you believe. Another way that video can share authenticity is through execution that is more raw or informal. Other mediums like a billboard or a blog post can be limiting in structure. But a video can show an informal portrayal more quickly and efficiently than other mediums.

Ultimately, consumers act when they feel moved to. And video is a great tool to move people to action. Sharing your brand story, personality, and values through video shows your customers, current and potential, exactly what you believe and what they should believe in too. Once customers believe in your mission and vision, they will then support your brand – and increase your revenue.  

Our in-house video department lives to share brands’ stories. And uses the latest technology to strategically tell them. Interested in getting to know our video department and our capabilites? Let's talk.

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