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A smarter LinkedIn presence benefits your business’s brand. And your personal brand too.


It can feel like each month there’s another social media network to consider in your marketing efforts. Although it’s been around since 2002, LinkedIn has transformed from a networking site for professionals to a social media website that every business and business professional should take advantage of. Currently, in 2020, LinkedIn has over 690 million users, compared to just 100 million in 2015. This momentum is something we’ve been paying attention to. And you should too.  

The increased number of people actively using LinkedIn means that there’s now a larger pool of people to market to for your business or product. LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates are 3X higher than any other social network. One reason for this is because LinkedIn is considered a trusted source. In 2019, LinkedIn was voted one of the most trusted platforms. This is both unsurprising and a benefit for everyone involved. Consumers are using LinkedIn to assess your company for credibility and career opportunities, learn from you as an industry expert, and build business relationships.

We believe that the high conversation rate is related to the fact that members generally know what they’re getting themselves into. When you log in, you know that you’re going to be presented with information that’s relevant and inspirational to your professional career or industry. You may find it startling on other networks to be awe-ing at pictures of your friend’s new puppy one moment and suddenly be advertised to purchase that new pair of shoes you were shopping for this morning a second later. This is how consumers are advertised to on most social media platforms.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn is explicitly used for professional networking. On LinkedIn, you’re aware of the purpose of the website, so sponsored posts feel like an intuitive part of the feed.

LinkedIn, like most networks, uses algorithms to decide who sees your content. The best way to increase your visibility is to actively use the platform. Here’s our top three tips to build your brand (personally and professional) on LinkedIn:

1. Stay up to date.

Be sure your company has an updated profile page. This includes your location, contact information, mission statement, logo, and background photo. Ask that all employees verify that they are linked to your official company page. The same advice is for your personal page — keep it updated and include accurate information.

2. Follow the 80/20 rule.

Only 20% of your posts should be “salesy” or promotional. This 80/20 rule is an old one that stands true. This is because you want your followers and potential customers to get to know you as an authentic brand. You want them to learn from you. You want them to trust you. You can do this by posting informational, relevant, and sincere (but not too personal) posts. After a relationship is built, they’ll be more likely to see and trust your “salesy” posts. Posting consistently 2-3 times a week will increase your standing in the LinkedIn algorithm as well.

3. Engage as a leader.

Present yourself as a professional business leader. Respond to comments on your posts, follow companies that you admire and learn from, react and comment on other posts that you want your network to see you interacting with.

As a bonus tip, LinkedIn offers a free tool to measure your objectives and presence on the platform. It evaluates your personal profile and tells you your standing on your profile’s ability to establish your professional brand, find the right people, engage with insights, and build relationships. It also gives you your industry and network social selling index rank. It’s a great tool to measure your effectiveness as a LinkedIn user.

Now that you have the tools, inform your marketing department. And don’t forget, your personal LinkedIn page is just as important as your company page. And your customer-facing employee pages too. Afterall, your company cannot interact with people one-on-one and network in the same capacity as an individual can.

We have years of experience developing LinkedIn strategies, if you want to know more, need help building a plan, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out or connect with us.


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