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3 Quick Wins to Improve Your Digital Ad Creative


Do you feel like your digital ads aren’t showing the return on investment you’d hoped to see? Whether you’re advertising on social media or digital display networks, making a couple thoughtful, strategic updates to your ad creative could have a measurable impact on the overall performance of your campaigns. Here are three quick changes you can make to your next digital ad campaign to see better ROI.

Create engaging visuals

Digital ads are always fighting for consumers’ attention and often interrupt other media. To pull someone away from their intended path or to get them to slow down and notice your ad, it must be eye-catching and engaging. When it comes to digital advertising, videos are king. Short-form, 15- to 30-second videos perform best for digital advertising and in a Wyzowl survey, 86% of video marketers said that video helped them increase web traffic.

However, if a video isn’t feasible for you, the next best choice is to use images that show people and faces. Studies show that 91.7% of ads featuring a person’s face attracted more attention than non-face ads. As people, we are biologically hard-wired to process faces, so we detect faces faster than other stimuli and our attention strengthens.

Maximize available sizes

Increase the opportunities your ads have to be served by creating one for each ad size offered by the platform. For example, on Facebook this would include developing creative in sizes for the feed, in-stream video, Facebook stories, Facebook marketplace and more. Giving consumers more chances to see your ads can lead to increased reach and impressions and can lower your cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM).

Write strategic copy

While the copy might not be what first catches a consumer’s attention, it still has an important role to play. When writing strong copy for digital ads, here are two things to remember. First, tailor the style of your copy to fit the platform the ad will be running on. You want the message to feel organic so it’s less disruptive to the users’ experience as well as speaks to that audience in a way they will relate to. For example, you would use a more casual, youthful tone on TikTok while opting for a more formal tone if your ads were also running on LinkedIn.

The second tip is to make your digital ads keyword rich. By utilizing the same keywords you optimize for on the campaign’s landing page, you create not only a continuity in experience if a user clicks through, but you also help someone find you later. For instance, if a consumer sees your digital ad but doesn’t click through, they might use those keywords they remember reading to search for you at a later date. This keyword alignment gives your landing page (or paid search ad!) a better chance at ranking for that subsequent search.

Want more help with your digital ads? The B&Y team can help you optimize your ads and meet your targets. Learn more about our digital advertising starter packages or we can talk about a custom engagement.