Parkview Field


As one of the major sports attractions in the region, Parkview decided it was time to “up their advertising game” at Parkview Field – working with the TinCaps and Parkview Physicians Group to strengthen the Parkview brand within the stadium. B&Y came up with a creative campaign to not only immerse spectators in the Parkview brand, but also spread healthy ideas everywhere they looked. It was the perfect opportunity to make Parkview a visible part of this popular baseball park.

the solution:

  • Make sure the Parkview brand is seen throughout the entire park – from drinking fountains to restrooms
  • Use clever copy that is both entertaining and informative
  • Incorporate a sea of “Parkview green” to draw attention and create a cohesive, recognizable campaign
  • Use this as an opportunity to give health tips, as well as information on prevention and screenings to keep people healthy

the result:

  • A “take over” of Parkview Field gives the entire stadium a Parkview look and feel, with relevant messages around every corner
  • People are constantly reminded of the connection Parkview Field has to Parkview Health
  • Encourages the community to stay healthy with ways to prevent sickness
  • Concepts tailored specifically to each location in the ballpark allows the campaign to be personalized to specific audiences