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Fort Wayne, IN 46802


Moving Healthcare Forward

The leading health system in the region, Parkview Health has worked hard to pave the way for better healthcare — and they wanted their new brand campaign to reflect this forward-thinking mindset. Armed with a deep understanding of Parkview’s dedication to never standing still, the Parkview and B&Y teams came up with a campaign based on movement. The Moving Healthcare Forward campaign showcases all the ways the health system pushes itself to be better every day, focusing on their innovative care models, world-class facilities, technologies and expert teams of providers. By featuring real Parkview co-workers and patients alongside Parkview’s advancements in care, we were able to ensure our campaign painted an impressive picture while staying true to Parkview’s people-focused brand.

  • Strategy
  • Photography
  • Storyboarding
  • TV
  • Digital
  • Outdoor
  • Radio

“Moving Healthcare Forward” :30 TV