Mend Medical Branding

Mend Medical

Helping a new company create a brand that will set the stage for its launch is an exciting endeavor. In this case, B&Y was brought on board to develop an entirely new identity for a unique healthcare investment company that was about to take the market by storm. After assisting them in naming the company (Mend Medical), we set out to create a brand that would help them make connections with people and companies that share their passion and vision for improving the future of healthcare. The result was a modern yet timeless brand that will help them grow and allow them to tell their incredible story many years down the road.

The details:


•    Created a name, logo, voice, stationery and web design that perfectly toed the line between professional and approachable


•    The logo shows the “M” being mended — acting as a subtle nod to their name and mission; a more traditional type treatment in the logo and tagline shows they are a trusted, grounded partner  


•    The logo, color palette and web design give off a classic vibe while still being fresh and unexpected in the corporate world


•    The simple tagline tells the whole story and vision for their company in just a few words

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