Keystone RV Collateral

Keystone RV

People who are looking to buy a recreational vehicle want the experience you can only get from embracing life on the road. And a big part of that journey is documenting their travels through photography that’s perfectly cropped, edited and shared with all of their followers. That was our inspiration for Keystone RV’s collateral: beautiful landscape photography that is subtly filtered to mirror a familiar square crop we see on social media. It’s a look and feel that’s different from the typical stock or shot photography — modern and relevant to consumers of all ages, with a touch of travel nostalgia. 

the details:

•  Created a collateral suite for the Keystone brand that would consistently communicate their identity and messaging across all pieces

•  Mimicked an imagery style that reflects the experiences we see people sharing online — helping travelers connect with the brand and imagine themselves in those photographs (and in a Keystone RV)

•  The bold yet airy typography modernizes the brand, while the use of a warm color palette reflects the trusted legacy of the Keystone brand

•  The well-thought-out and unique concept helps elevate their brand perception with dealers and other B2B audiences

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