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Continuing with Parkview’s GO Campaign, GO 2.0 once again inspires people to be healthy in mind, body, spirit and community. This time around, Parkview wanted community members to share the GO Challenge with their friends and family, encouraging others to sign up to take the monthly challenge and increasing engagement on the website. This new objective called for a new focus — one that shows the audience that they too can participate in do-able, realistic challenges that will make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

the solution:

• Feature people in their real environments for an engaging message that anyone can relate to


• Let the audience see that a step toward better health can be something as simple as taking a walk


• Show the audience how they can make a difference for themselves, their loved ones and the entire community by signing up for the GO Challenge

the result:

•    Parkview is excited to see engagement steadily growing on the Parkview GO website


•    Parkview continues to receive positive feedback from the community as they lead the way to better well-being through these inspiring and creative messages

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