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After establishing iAB in the community with a kick-off campaign (“The Power of Partnership”), B&Y was ready to take this local bank to branding Phase II. This new campaign needed to appeal to both consumers and small business owners —reminding them that locally owned iAB is the partner and neighbor they can always count on to help them realize their dreams. By building this campaign around warm, humorous TV spots and friendly ads and billboards, we were able to successfully show the community that iAB is the one local bank that’s still making their dreams come true.

The Solution:

• Bright colors and bold headlines get iAB’s message noticed in a “BiG” way

• Inviting, personable copy reminds people that iAB cares about the well-being of the community

• Funny TV commercials featuring little kids talking about their big dreams gets the point across in an entertaining way

• The campaign encourages consumers and small business owners to “Dream Big” with the help of iAB

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