2019 ortho campaign


How do you promote joint replacements in a fresh new way? At B&Y, we did it by creating a catchy, colorful campaign that’s all about movement. Using the theme “Someday is today,” we developed a series of print, broadcast, outdoor and digital ads that highlight happy ortho patients doing fun activities like biking, tennis and hula-hooping. A fast-paced TV commercial features high-energy music, quick cuts and smiles all around as people reclaim their lives and get moving again. The campaign is a fun way to remind people of the ultimate goal of joint replacement surgery: a joyful, active life.

The details:

• Up-tempo music, used in TV and radio, helped to convey a feeling of immediacy and action

• The audience was directed to the Parkview website to learn more about new technologies available to treat joint pain

• Splashing in the pool, giving piggyback rides, tearing up the dance floor — just a few of the lively scenarios captured in TV and print ads

• To convey movement, print materials featured green and orange slanted graphics with green gradations

• Each element of the campaign was designed to fit within the look and feel of Parkview’s “We believe in better” branding

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