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Are you looking for a marketing and advertising partner to take your brand to the next level? At B&Y, we come alongside you and treat your goals as our own. With over 30 years of experience as a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we have the know-how to create strategic campaigns that get results. From new branding to increasing your impressions and conversions, our strategic and creative teams can get you where you want to go.

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“B&Y has been such a wonderful partner and really helped us create the right message and then strategically reach orthopaedic surgeons. We’ve gotten such great feedback on our brand campaign and the detailed data from the digital campaigns has really helped dial in our strategy. I love working with them and am so thankful to have them as part of our team.”

Nancy Walsh
Senior Director,
Marketing Communications


Reached 81% of orthopaedic surgeons with hyper-targeted digital display

Looking to raise awareness of their brand differentiators, orthopaedic company Exactech partnered with B&Y to create a brand campaign targeting orthopaedic surgeons. After performing quantitative research, B&Y created the “EXACTLY” campaign which aided in brand recall and told surgeons that Exactech had just what they needed to be their best. Our strategic approach included a brand anthem video, award-winning tradeshow graphics for the 2023 AAOS show, and a highly effective national digital media campaign.



Questa Foundation for Education offers forgivable loans to college students and regional partner programs to keep educated talent in northeast Indiana. To increase awareness of their programs, Questa partnered with B&Y to refresh their branding and implement their new look in print collateral, a career scholar video, and digital ad campaigns. As a non-profit working on a budget, B&Y worked with Questa to optimize their digital ad buy with hyper-local targeting and achieved over one million impressions on our second flight, smashing our estimated goal of 32k impressions!


43 new hires after a one-month campaign

Faced with a difficult hiring environment, FCC (Adams), an OEM clutch assembly manufacturer, was falling behind on orders. B&Y partnered with them to create a quick, recruitment campaign promoting their open jobs and great benefits across streaming radio, outdoor, social media and SEM. After one month in market FCC (Adams) made 43 new hires which lead to shorter shifts for employees and a huge reduction in their backlog of orders (from 100,000 parts behind schedule to 13,000).

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