March 18, 2020

To every healthcare worker, we thank you.

Over 18 million U.S. healthcare workers are now on the daily frontlines of coronavirus.
While our lives grind to a halt, their work rages on.

Unprecedented in recent memory, the coronavirus is reshaping our lives in ways many Americans never thought possible. While we struggle adjusting to a temporary new normal, healthcare workers struggle to combat the coronavirus. Tasked with the pulse of our communities, they work to save our lives.

Every medical facility, whether established or temporary, is filled with individuals who are risking their own health for ours. From housekeeping to nurses, facilities to nutrition staff, millions of people are putting their heart and soul into saving our communities.

These next few months will forever be etched in our collective memory. And foremost, we’ll remember the people.

The people who led with their hearts.

The people who are charged with our health.

The people who thought innovatively.

The people whose calling is to care for us.


To every healthcare worker, we thank you. 






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