July 9, 2020

3 Ways to Pivot Your Brand Identity

As a brand, creating lifetime customer value means being able to grow and change with the needs of your customers. Adapting your brand’s identity, messaging, visuals and more to better connect with your customers should be centered on one, clear concept. In 2020, brands must pivot faster than ever.

As industries, technologies and life across the globe changes, brands must shift to meet the needs of their customers and target audiences. With the significant economic and cultural changes in 2020, evaluating the successfulness of your current branding is necessary. What do your customers think and feel about your brand? How do your visuals and messaging represent your mission and vision? These questions are just the beginning of the rebranding process as you identify what your target audience knows and feels about your brand. This process ultimately narrows your brand identity to one clear, impactful, holistic concept.


Here’s three effective ways to pivot your brand identity and create one clear concept for your customers:

1. Simplify your brand identity.

As your industry changes over time, different campaigns, promotions and agendas can complicate your brand identity. A simple, clear concept has the impact to connect and communicate with your customers quickly. Visually, a clean, simple brand logo with approachable colors is today’s standard. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased this preference in consumers as we collectively focus on cleanliness and good hygiene. This can be done through simple typography, clean line drawings and simple geometric illustrations.

2. Speak directly.

As your industry changes over time, different campaigns, promotions and agendas can complicate your brand’s voice and message. Cut through the noise by clarifying your messaging and speaking directly to your target audience. Examine your current materials with a brand audit to identify where to tighten your message to one, singular concept. Taking the time to critically narrow your brand’s identity and messaging will make sure your brand stands out. With the overwhelming amount of information consumers and businesses have, a clear brand identity and voice will solidify your brand in the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

3. Share the heart of your business.

In addition to great products and services, consumers want to learn about your brand’s people and their stories. Your people are your product. Showing the people behind your brand builds trust and lifetime value with your customers. Consumers want engaging, relatable stories about the purpose behind your brand. How effectively do your visuals and messaging convey the human elements of your brand? What would your customers need to learn to better connect with your brand? Consumers want to know the heart of your business now more than ever.

By simplifying your brand identity, speaking directly and sharing the heart of your business, you can pivot your brand to stay relevant as your industry changes. For 30 years, we’ve helped our clients pivot their brand identity for a successful future.


Visual Brand Refresh - The B&Y Process

Our client wanted to refresh their visual brand identity with a contemporary look and feel that exemplified the traits of their brand: honestly, integrity, craftsmanship, American values and Midwestern work ethic. Watch our process from the initial concepts to the end result — a visual identity that shows the values and personality of Cruiser RV. 


We’re a seamless extension of your team.

At B&Y, we take our clients’ goals and sales targets seriously. This shared vision maximizes your marketing budget and creates successful ROI. Along with naming, logo and design capabilities, we also offer our clients a complete suite of creative and media services including:

  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Live and Animated Video
  • Consulting
  • Strategic Creative Thinking
  • Research and Business Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Innovative Graphic Design
  • Out-of-home Exhibits
  • Trade Show Strategy and Design
  • Targeted Digital Advertising
  • Websites

We’re always up for discussing your business’s branding challenges and the future of brand identity. Please feel free to click the contact button to start a conversation or email us at talk@b-y.net.


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Leih Boyden

Resident word-wrangler, Leih is a meticulous and imaginative copywriter. Rolling up her sleeves, she’s not afraid to grapple with the tiniest footnote or a mighty headline. She knows firsthand the power of the pen from her previous sociological work. By delving into the minds of clients and customers, she crafts a unique voice for every brand, which directly speaks to and spurs target audiences into action. Leih’s constantly refining her craft for her clients by greedily reading the marketing canon, the backs of cereal boxes and everything in between.

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