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Gavin Saxer

A permanent resident in the world of digital, Gavin is a social media and web maven. His unrelenting energy gives him the fuel to dive head first into every task he’s tackling. From small social media jobs to website overhauls to fully integrated campaigns, Gavin not only manages the project, but is also an integral part of the planning, strategy and execution. He’s constantly expanding his knowledge base to stay ahead of digital trends and help clients see just how far their digital efforts can take them.


4 Steps to Establishing a Stronger Brand

While some steps may seem more important than others, a comprehensive approach will always result in a stronger brand. In the past, we covered these… Read More

Google Maps API: What’s the workaround?

On June 11, 2018, Google changed their Google Maps policy to require a Google Maps API Key in order to display a map on your website. Because of this,… Read More

What Would the Presidential Alert Cost in Media?

Since we’re an ad agency and we love numbers, we decided to look at what a media campaign of this magnitude (225 million unblockable… Read More

Putting Strategy and Research to Work: The Key to Success for High-Performing Campaigns

At B&Y, there’s a tried and true process we go through with each client to ensure we’re getting to the root of who they are and who… Read More

It’s time to step up your video game. (P.S. We can help.)

Video has quickly become one of the top vehicles to tell your story through web, social media, email and beyond. (We’ll let WordStream make you… Read More

Why audience discovery is so important

Previously, we have covered what I would consider the first step in almost any advertising effort: brand discovery. The next step is establishing… Read More

Free social is a thing of the past. Spend money where people spend time.

Instagram and Twitter have been making headlines recently for changing their timelines from chronological to algorithmic, similar to how Facebook has… Read More

Why is brand discovery so important?

In advertising, discovery is multifaceted — ranging from full brand discovery to discovery for individual campaigns. For now, let’s focus… Read More

How to know if Pandora advertising is right for your campaign

It comes down to one thing: the audience is there. Meaning, advertising on Pandora will certainly get you and your message in front of users. But,… Read More

What to say when clients ask how to get on the first page of Google

Google's search engines are constantly getting better at providing users with content that is relevant to their search terms, and web crawlers… Read More

Brand research: A walk in your consumers’ shoes

That’s where research comes in. Brand research captures customer brand perceptions through surveys, interviews, focus groups, database analytics… Read More

choosing your objective

While there are many important factors to developing a successful ad campaign, none is more important than choosing the right objective. A properly… Read More

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