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7 Elements of a Strong Website (Part 1) – Podcast Episode 1


We’re excited to introduce the first episode of B&Y’s new marketing podcast—We Talk. You Win. We hope to use this as another way to share our knowledge and expertise about marketing and advertising trends, expectations in the marketplace and common challenges we’re seeing and hearing in our work with our clients.

Our first episode is part one of a two-part series about websites. Over the course of these two episodes, we’ll discuss the importance of having a strong, up-to-date web presence for a brand and then discuss more in-depth what makes a strong website in today’s digital world.

Why Your Website Matters

Your website does a lot of heavy lifting for your brand. It tells consumers who you are and what you do and offers you, the marketer, valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns and messaging.

We like to say that your website is like the digital front door to your company. It makes a valuable first impression for you and lends credibility and legitimacy to your brand. Therefore, it’s also important that your site is sending the right message about who you are. Are you fun? Professional and polished? Visitors should be able to pick up on your vibe right away.

Your web presence also offers you valuable tracking data to see how your marketing efforts are performing so you can make better decisions about your creative, messaging, and ad spend.

To sum it up: having a strong web presence is a necessity.

Keep it Fast

The first element of a strong website is fast page-load speeds. No one likes waiting for a web page to load. Don’t make your customers wait or they might leave and never come back. 40% of consumers said that they would only wait 3 seconds for a page to load before leaving a site.

Think of how much advertising spend is wasted if 40% of the people who clicked on your ad bounced because the page took too long to load. Don’t waste your efforts! Speed up your site with tactics like making images smaller or utilizing lazy loading features.

Relevant, Easy-to-Consume Content

Remember, your website is built for your audience and not for you as a company. Therefore, the content on your site should be easy to consume for today’s busy users. Thoughtfully curate the information on your site towards consumers, specifically for where they are in the buyer’s journey. This helps users get the information they need faster, and hopefully, will lead them to choose your product or service.

Make sure you watch the full episode to get all the in-depth website advice! And keep an eye out for part 2, where we’ll cover even more features that your website should incorporate.

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