Every door has a story to tell

Boyden & Youngblutt

When you pass by the houses in your neighborhood, do you ever stop and think about the people who are living there and the hardships they might be facing? This was the inspiration behind our holiday card this year, which encourages people to get out and help their neighbors in need. This time around, we took it a step further and got our hands dirty — pulling weeds, mowing and cleaning gutters for a woman who needed just a little help getting by. Our advent-style card reminded our friends and partners that every door has a story to tell — all you have to do is listen.

The cause:


• Connects volunteers to neighbors in need (senior citizens, people with disabilities and low-income families), allowing them to help with projects such as:

     • Home repairs
     • Lawn maintenance
     • Furnace installation
     • Ramp building for those in wheelchairs

• Provides training, resources and man power to make it more feasible for volunteers to complete a variety of projects
• Offers people a tangible way to make a positive change right in their communities

• Learn how you can get involved at nlfw.org

your project

Ready to take our relationship to the next level? We’re blushing already. Just tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking for, and we’ll gladly take it from there.

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