August 17, 2020

Journey of a Logo

Cruiser RV wanted to refresh their visual brand identity with a contemporary look and feel that exemplified the traits of their brand. Here's our process from the initial concepts to the end result — a visual identity that shows the values and personality of Cruiser RV.

With over 30 years of experience in the RV industry, we were excited to partner with Cruiser RV to refresh their brand. We set out to create a modern logo that shows the vision and values of Cruiser RV. The final logo resulted in a fresh, yet classic, look that will allow their brand to continue to grow for many decades down the road.

Here’s a peek into the B&Y process of creating a logo for our clients.


At the initial client discovery session, we evaluate the current branding and research the needs and scope of the project. For example, Cruiser RV wanted an updated, modern logo that showed the brand’s personality and vision. They wanted to make sure that their values of honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, American values and a Midwestern work ethic were represented in both the logo and the tagline.


We then dive deep into analyzing our findings from the discovery session and begin developing our initial concepts. From selecting the font to choosing the color palette, each decision is strategic. For Cruiser RV, each initial logo concept was based off of our initial information from the client.


Next, the logo concepts go through a series of internal reviews. Senior leadership reviews each concept and design to identify the strongest among them. Initially, the design team presented over fifteen Cruiser RV logo concepts. At the ‘wall’ meeting, all of the concepts are discussed and the ultimately the strongest make the cut. Often this meeting of the minds will result in even more great ideas as the entire team comes together for a second time. 


The strongest logo concepts are then presented as ‘first looks’ to the client. Around five logos were presented to Cruiser RV. The warm red and grey color palette of the final logo was familiar ¾ akin to a camping buddy you’ve known for years ¾ and exemplified the vision and values of Cruiser RV.

Watch the journey of the Cruiser RV logo from initial concepts to the final result.


Journey of a Logo - Cruiser RV from Boyden & Youngblutt on Vimeo.

With the significant economic and cultural changes in 2020, evaluating your current branding and pivoting towards a more successful brand logo and visuals is necessary. What do your customers think and feel about your brand? How do your visuals and messaging represent your mission and vision? These questions are just the beginning of the rebranding process as you identify what your target audience knows and feels about your brand. This process ultimately narrows your brand identity to one clear, impactful, holistic concept that is distilled down into your logo.

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