November 25, 2020

Co-marketing campaign creates 4x increase in web traffic.

Learn how our holistic campaign grew brand awareness and encouraged our client’s customers to interact with their brand while increasing web traffic by over 450%.

The Challenge

B&Y was tasked to develop a co-marketing campaign in a geo-targeted market that would create a buzz around our client’s brand and encourage consumers to visit their website. This co-marketing campaign reached the target audience with a mix of Facebook, Instagram, streaming audio, news publication placements and outdoor panels.

These tactics had two clear goals to grow brand awareness and increase web traffic. 

The Outcome

Within the 90-day run of the campaign, traffic to our client’s website increased by 467%.

Of those visitors, 85% were new visitors and 15% were returning.

The campaign also created over 579,718 impressions on social media, resulting in 5,185 clicks and an impressive 0.9% click-through rate.

With more than 168,000 impressions via streaming audio, the target audience grew to know our client.

With 4x more web traffic during the run time of our campaign, our client was thrilled that we were able to help them get the word out about their brand and encouraged their target audience to learn more about them.


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