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Leih Boyden

Resident word-wrangler, Leih is a meticulous and imaginative copywriter. Rolling up her sleeves, she’s not afraid to grapple with the tiniest footnote or a mighty headline. She knows firsthand the power of the pen from her previous sociological work. By delving into the minds of clients and customers, she crafts a unique voice for every brand, which directly speaks to and spurs target audiences into action. Leih’s constantly refining her craft for her clients by greedily reading the marketing canon, the backs of cereal boxes and everything in between.


3 Ways to Pivot Your Brand Identity

As industries, technologies and life across the globe changes, brands must shift to meet the needs of their customers and target audiences. With… Read More

3 Strategies for CMOs to Lead and Succeed

The average tenure of CMOs fell in 2019 to the lowest number since 2009. With the rise of technology, COVID-19 and other societal movements,… Read More

Consumers Want Hopeful, Helpful COVID-19 Messaging

Right now, Americans trust their local health systems for information more than any other source. Your organization can address consumer needs by… Read More

How we can adapt in uncertain times

Humans don’t naturally enjoy change. Even if it’s positive, we easily become anxious and stressed just trying to navigate the… Read More

Community Awareness #Calmunity during COVID-19

We’re anxious, stressed and scared – but we need each other more than ever. And we can care for others with #calmunity. Staying calm and… Read More

To every healthcare worker, we thank you.

Unprecedented in recent memory, the coronavirus is reshaping our lives in ways many Americans never thought possible. While we struggle adjusting to a… Read More

How to Recruit More Nurses

Need nurses? Recruiting qualified nurses for your healthcare organization requires strategic initiatives — educational leadership, understanding… Read More

To Recruit Talented Nurses, Share Current Staff Leadership

For many nurses, it’s not only their profession, but also an integral part of their personal identity. Nurses desire the support and tools to… Read More

Mobile Marketing Engages Customers in Winter

Lagging Quarter 1 sales are a yearly challenge for any business. There are many factors that make increasing sales in January through March difficult.… Read More

We’re fighting for firsts

Losing a child in their first year of life is a tragedy no parent should have to face. Education, prenatal care and holistic solutions are needed to… Read More

Amplify your fundraising campaign with gamification

Gamification is nothing new to marketing. But it continues to be a successful strategy as it’s firmly founded on behavioral economics. Gabe… Read More

Here’s how new tech can assist your fundraising campaign

Technology is said to be tearing at genuine human connection. But tech’s newest innovations can bring people together who are usually worlds… Read More

Boyden & Youngblutt welcomes Senior Account Executive Dustin Hickle

For Dustin, marketing is all about people and problem solving. He enjoys partnering with clients to tackle their greatest challenges. Using his… Read More

Hey Siri, What’s Voice Search Optimization?

Voice search is no longer fiction – it’s here. Like social media ten years ago, voice search and a screenless internet of things feels… Read More

Battling Status Quo Bias with Patient Engagement Marketing

Whether it’s for a routine wellness check or a serious medical issue, some people choose not to go to the doctor even when it clearly benefits… Read More

Focus on Marketing Your Telemedicine Competitive Advantage

As new technologies continue to transform everyday living, today’s patients are more interested and open than ever before to using telemedicine… Read More

How Landing Pages Can Boost Your Patient Inflow

Only 22% of businesses say they are satisfied with their conversion rates. A robust digital presence with healthy conversion rates is imperative… Read More

Why You Need Micro-Influencers in Your Next Healthcare Campaign

Micro-influencers, authentic, knowledgeable and passionate influencers in their niche community, have the digital clout to convert conversation into… Read More

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