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Justin Branscomb

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic, Justin acts as the perfect liaison between the client and the B&Y team, ensuring that each digital project runs smoothly and is completed just as was envisioned. His confidence in the digital realm pairs perfectly with his “people-person” skills — enabling him to make a difficult-to-understand concept relatable for each client. By using research to back up his recommendations, he can answer the client’s “why?” with ease and help them realize their marketing goals from start to finish.


Midwestern consumers want COVID-19-related information. Local health systems can have the answers.

During March, we conducted research about Midwestern consumers and their communications needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Focusing on adult… Read More

Using the right social media tool for the job

Social media, when used effectively, can be a powerful tool for helping your target audience perceive your brand in a way that achieves your… Read More

B&Y and ROI

Back in the heyday of American business and marketing, clients generally chose to go with the agency that could provide them with the prettiest… Read More

Bluetooth LE and iBeacon are Changing the Mobile Ad Game.

Mobile advertising strategies are evolving so fast that it’s hard to master the current trend before the next one arrives. However, mobile is… Read More

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